Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula

Mamatoto is a Swahili word meaning "motherbaby"-reflecting the concept that mother and infant are not two separate people, but an interrelated dyad. 

As a DONA International trained Postpartum Doula I offer families emotional (encouraging new parents to follow their own hearts) and practical support (babywearing, laundry, doing the dishes or preparing simple nourishing meals) after welcoming your baby into your home; assist with partner & sibling support (help the entire family adjust and settle in) as well as guide you to evidence-based informative support (soothing techniques and normal newborn behavior). 

As a lacationist I am able to help with establishing breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding support. All families benefit with a postpartum doula on their team!

Pricing: hourly rate; first hour 400kr and each hour after 200kr with a minimum of three hour blocks per day. Suggested to begin from 24/48 hours after birth and arriving home. Book for the first 14 days or longer. 

Non-refundable deposit of 1000kr for the duration of service agreement for cancellations after agreed upon dates which can be applied at the end of service.